CSC Digipay AEPS New Guidelines for Cash Deposit and Withdrawal 2022

CSC DIGIPAY: अगर आप एक CSC Vle है तो आपको अपने CSC Center पर CSC Team द्वारा समय समय पर बताई जाने वाली सभी Guidelines का पालन करना अनिवार्य होता है| अतः आज के Article मैं हम आपको CSC द्वारा AEPS Banking Transaction के लिए लायी गयी कुछ Guidelines के बारे में बतायेंगे|

  1. VLE must provide a signed receipt to the customer for all AEPS Financial Transactions.
  2. VLE Should Take Cash from Customer before initiating a transaction.
  3. If the Transaction is Successful then VLE must retain cash and Provide a Printed Receipt to the customer.
  4. If the Transaction is Declined then VLE must return Cash and Provide a printed receipt to a customer.
  5. VLE Must Maintain a Register in which every entry of AEPS Financial Transaction (ie- Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit and Domestic Money Transfer) must be recorded along with Customer Signature.
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